Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of operation?

The ticket booth opens at 7pm and closes at 10pm on Sundays and closes at 11pm on Friday/Saturdays. Each attraction will close independently, when the ticket booth closes and there is no line for that attraction.

How can I be sure to go thru all 3 attractions in the same night?

Each attraction is independent and will close at 10pm on Sundays and 11pm on Friday/Saturdays if there is no line. We recommend to arrive by 9pm on Sundays and 10pm on Friday/Saturdays to be certain to go thru all 3 in one night. You should also attend the attractions in the recommended order. For example, if you arrive before 9pm on Sundays or 10pm on Friday/Saturdays and go through the two haunted houses first, you won’t miss the trail. The challenge trail closes last and the two haunted houses close first. If you arrive late and go to the trail first, the haunted houses may not have a line and close while you are on the trail if it is after 10pm or 11pm.

How long is the wait in line?

We strive to keep your wait time limited at each attraction. However, on the last few weekends in October the line may be longer. You may purchase a Spirit Pass Ticket to float to the front of the line or attend on a Sunday night or earlier in the season for limited wait times.

How long does it take to go thru each attraction?

The two haunted houses take between 20-30 minutes each and the challenge trail takes approximately 45 minutes. Plan to be in the attractions over 1 ½ hours, not including wait times.

Can I make a reservation?

No. HHE is first come first served. To avoid a long wait you can purchase a Spirit Pass Ticket.

What are the prices for the different attractions?

You may visit the Ticket Tab for more details.
Each individual attraction is $15 (single ticket). All 3 attractions are $25 (The Estate Ticket). The Spirit Pass Ticket is $40 (allows you to float to the front of the line for each attraction).

Does HHE offer group rates?

Yes. For more details go to the Ticket Tab.
To purchase group tickets call Jackie at 724-984-5915 or email Jackie at
Groups are 15 or more people, prearranged, and one person must pay at the ticket booth E ticket/Group line.

Does HHE accept Credit Cards?

To purchase tickets with a credit card you must buy online. We have a special E-ticket line when you arrive to collect your ticket. Do not wait in the general line. You can bring a printed copy or smart phone receipt to collect your ticket. E-ticket will not be accepted at the attraction entrances.
Cash only at the ticket booth.

Where do I take my online ticket?

Go to ticket booth and proceed to the E-ticket line. Do not wait in the general line. Bring your printed ticket or your smart phone ticket and collect your paper ticket at the ticket booth. E-ticket will not be accepted at the attraction entrances.

If I buy a ticket online, do I have to use it the same day?

There are two types of tickets. One type is valid on Sundays and one is valid on Friday/Saturdays. You cannot use a Sunday ticket on a Friday/Saturday night. You can upgrade your Sunday ticket at the ticket booth to use on a Friday/Saturday night.

Is there a way to avoid waiting in line?

Yes. You may purchase a Spirit Pass ticket. Limited tickets are sold each night. Spirit Pass tickets are $40 and allows entrance to all 3 attractions with limited wait time. Do not wait in the general line. Spirit Pass ticket holders have their own line. If you have already bought your ticket and then decided you don’t want to wait, you may buy a Spirit Pass for an extra $15 at the E-ticket/Group ticket booth line.

What is a SPIRIT PASS Ticket?

A Spirit Pass ticket allows entrance to all 3 attractions with a limited wait time. Spirit Pass Ticket has a separate line for each attraction. Do not wait in the general line.

Are the creatures allowed to touch me?

The actors interact and get very close. Occasionally you may brush up against their costume or props. You may also come in contact with the sets. During the Lights Out Special Nights in November the actors are permitted to touch you in a trained professional way.

Are there any age restrictions?

HHE is recommended for adults and teens, but younger children may attend if parents choose to bring them. Children cannot not be carried and we have no refunds

Is HHE wheelchair accessible?

Parts of the attractions are wheelchair accessible. The trail has natural paths and hills. When wet it is difficult to maneuver.

Do you use fog or strobe lights?


Can I go if I’m pregnant?

We do not recommend attending if you are greater than 20 weeks.

How do you get through each attraction?

All three attractions are a walk through with frequent pauses during the interactivity. No running allowed.

Can I wear a Halloween costume when I come to HHE?

No. For safety reasons you cannot wear a costume.

Are your attractions open if it rains?

Yes. The two haunted houses will not close for rain. The challenge trail will close if the path is treacherous.

If we do not go thru all 3 attractions in one night can I use the ticket another night?

Yes. An unused ticket can be used any open night during the same season. If you purchased a Sunday ticket you can upgrade to a Friday/Saturday ticket at the ticket booth.

Does HHE attractions have security?

Yes. HHE has a security team and security cameras. We rarely have any disturbances that require security.

Can I be asked to leave or not allowed to enter HHE?

Yes. We reserve that right. We will not allow you to enter if you are visibly under the influence of drugs, including alcohol. We do not allow foul language, disruptive behavior, or weapons. Everyone must adhere to the rules for your own safety. Violation of the rules will bring a removal from HHE without refund. If you break a prop or hit an actor we will press charges, we have a zero tolerance for this behavior.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking and vaping is allowed in the parking lot. No smoking or vaping is allowed after you enter the gate.

Can we take photos of the attractions?

No photography is allowed in the attractions. You may take pictures in the main area only.

What can’t we bring with us inside HHE?

No weapons, alcohol, food, beverages, lasers, flashlights, or book bags.

Do you sell beverages or souvenirs?

Yes. The Black Crow Concessions has a delicious menu full of autumn treats, T-shirts and other fun things.

Are the attractions the same this year?

The storylines and themes change every year. Expect new special effects, set design, and outstanding performances.

How do I apply to work at HHE?

Contact Jackie (aka Spookygirl) at
We hire staff all year and conduct actor workshops during the summer months.

What makes HHE so unique?

HHE is unique in every way. The location is on a 100+ acre Estate that is known to be truly haunted. Each attraction is so different from each other. The challenge trail places you in a moonlighted trail with lurking creatures that will engage you to interact with the environment. Hang on to your flags for the lurking creatures will try to take them while you are challenged to complete your task. While one haunted house is a navigation disaster and a threat to never escape the other haunted house will keep you entertained as you participate in a horrific magic show. The actors are amazing and deadicated to supply an awesome show for you.

Any other questions?

If you question was not answered here, please contact Jackie at
or call 724-984-5915 and leave a message.