The Doll Factory

Five years ago, Mr. Friedrich, a doll collector and maker, desired for something unique. He bought a classic German doll in which the seller claimed was “possessed by a spirit.”

The doll arrived in a locked metal box with a note in jagged letters reading, “Never open this box. Never.” Friedrich was drawn to open it, but resisted. One night, he awoke to the sound of a young girl laughing. Half asleep, he unlatched the box and lifted the doll. The doll’s hinged eyes opened, looking straight into him.

The doll maker’s journal reveals his fate. Writings claim the doll attacked him in his sleep, and how he attempted to destroy it. He burned it, hacked it into pieces, and buried it. But, the doll kept returning undamaged to his worktable.

Desperate, Freidrich sold the doll and shipped it to its new owner. The doll again appeared on the doll maker’s worktable. The doll maker begged a priest to bless the doll, and locked it back up. The box still sits on his worktable.

These days, Freidrich has opened his doll factory for tours. His only request is “Never open the box. Never.”