Voodoo Forest

Voodoo Priestess Mambo Ava Kay was the local healer and magic practitioner. She performed rituals for her community—curing sickness, healing ailments, casting protective spells, and delivering healthy babies. She also made predictions to protect her people. Mambo Ava Kay became so powerful that her people believed she could do anything. Mambo Ava Kay predicted a horrific storm was coming. She warned that farmers would lose their crops and many would then lose their homes. As the storm began, her people begged her to stop the rain as she had done for them before. Mambo Ava Kay told them that she could not. Her people believed she was lying to them, and that Mambo controlled the storm.

Her people found her performing rituals in her forest shrine. They begged her to stop the storm. When Mambo said again that she could not, they began to stone her. As the stones pummeled her kneeling body, Mambo Ava Kay spit out her final hex, “This forest will be mine forever! The dead shall take my revenge on anyone who enters!”